The Music Deal (Episode 16: Final)

Read Episode 15 HERE Around nine-thirty when I got to her house, I saw a beautiful young lady, Rachel, standing at the balcony. I had met her on one of my visits to Blessing. She wore a short, an armless vest and held a phone in her hand. It was obvious she was yet to take her bath but she still looked beautiful nonetheless. I don’t know why I always meet beautiful girls, it was almost a curse. “Blessing was not a student of U. I. to my knowledge,” she said after a few minutes of our discussion. “She came here few weeks ago, maybe about a month.” “What did she tell you she came to do?”

The Music Deal (Episode 15)

Read Episode 14 HERE She said she had a lecture by twelve. She bid me goodbye as we left the shop after the rain to different directions. If I knew what was going to happen next, I would have held on to her, maybe for a few more days. She called me later to tell me she was in school. She asked for my whereabouts and I told her I was at home. Doing what? Putting finishing touches to a new song I had just composed. “Take it easy Kofo,” she said. “Nothing good comes easy,” I said. “That’s one of the reasons I love you,” “What’s that?”

The Music Deal (Episode 14)

Read Episode 13 HERE She came close to me and told me to forget all my worries as she kissed me. From the kiss came touching, followed by removal of clothes and finally sex. It was good to douse the tension in my body. I went home that day still thinking. The miracle was complete on Wednesday morning when my GT Bank account was credited with twenty thousand naira and my account balance read 101,157.23 naira. Between Sunday and Wednesday morning, my account had moved all the way from eleven thousand to a hundred and one thousand. That morning, I was all smiles as I walked hand-in-hand with Blessing into the GT Bank branch at Mokola.

The Music Deal (Episode 13)

Read Episode 12 HERE “He said,” he continued, I was too happy to talk even though I had no detail of the good news. “he would be free to record your songs this Saturday.” “So how’s it going to go?” I said. “It depends on you,” he said. “There are cost implications and if you’re able to meet them, you could record your two songs at OJB’s studio on Saturday. Have you informed your parents about the contract?”

The Music Deal (Episode 12)

Read Episode 11 HERE

“Yes.” “Okay,” he said, “that’s verbal agreement and you know that that is not very strong in business. I would send a copy of contract and terms of agreement to Blessing or do you prefer I send it to you?” “Send it to her,”

The Music Deal (Episode 11)

Read Episode 10 HERE

We only spent forty-five more minutes talking before she set up her laptop and I was happy for the five minutes saved. She made a call to him to tell him we were ready. Few minutes later, I saw his face on the screen and the background showed a good level of luxury. His face was similar to what I saw in the pictures. They spoke a bit about that least interested me. He went on to ask about her father and mother. She even took the pain to tell him that her mum later bought the speakers he recommended into her room and it was booming out of this world.  I remembered I saw a picture on her phone of her standing in a room holding a speaker that looked like two big Oxford dictionaries and another with her and an older woman holding a speaker each. The woman must be her mother.

Unwanted Visitors (Episode 2)

I stood up and picked my jeans trousers beside the wall where I threw it earlier. I put it on and went towards the door. Adeola pulled her lingerie that was above her navel down to her thigh. As I opened the door, a kick came out of nowhere, or to be precise, out of the bedroom-voiced guy. The kick pushed me to the ground. I was unsure if the bones in my buttocks were still in their normal places. The guy entered the room and trained a gun on me. “I have come as a gentleman,” he said. “I’ll love us to keep it that way but I can be rough if the need arises.” There was a loud scream from another room. That told me it was a gang of armed robbers.

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