Ra… Ta… Ta… Slow Down There!

If you have stumbled upon this page, or ran here, or crawled in like a blighted worm, or fell in from space, or maybe you’re just looking for a place to hide your head while the evil spirits fly dangerously around, you have come to the right place.
This is a place where you will hear the story of Ayelawaje Kofoshi but he is usually called Kofo. Who is Kofo? Kofo is a young man who has few things to do in life but many ways of doing them. One of the few things he likes to do is run after ladies and women.
Kofo loves his girls and his girls love him. Kofo is smart, witty, and vulnerable to his girls. He is a type of guy you will call a chick magnet. Handsome in his own right and super confident.
However, it is important to know that a magnet that attract gold can also attract rusted piece of iron. Apart from being smart, Kofo can be extremely stupid and impeccably foolish. Especially when he is trying to get into a lady’s skirt.
When Kofo hooks up with some ladies, they come along with their baggage. Baggage that can sometimes be weird and dangerous. It is a miracle that Kofo has managed to survive them all. I guess one of the few things he has to do in life is survive!
In case you are a man hiding here from evil spirits, Kofo is sad to tell you that your rent has elapsed. He would be sad to see you go. However, Kofo has decided, reluctantly, to waive the rent for the ladies.
Read the first episode HERE. Happy reading!


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