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A Stroll Through LAUTECH (Episode 3)

Read Episode 1 HERE, Episode 2 HERE “You stopped using condom?” “She slept with another guy.” “In school?” “At Lagos,” Dayo said with resignation like for a lost soul. “She went home six months ago and she is now four months pregnant.” “Oh,” I said. “Sorry.” I could not think of a better word to say. “No,” he said waving at me. “Things like that are bound to happen in situations like these.” “Have you had problems with her before?”

The Music Deal (Episode 6)

Read Episode 5 HERE The concert continued and while the loudspeakers were still booming for joy, 2face came off the stage and into the crowd. First to the VIP section and then to the regular section while everybody was trying to touch 2face’s outstretched palm. Even though we were in the second row, I managed to touch his palm and unsurprisingly, Blessing did too. My right hand was clenched to her left hand as the song continued. Sexual urge was making me restless, tearing me apart. I had a feeling, strong feeling that she was wet too. The songs continued but my focus on the music diminished and transferred to her. My thoughts were clouded. I pulled her as I made my way towards the exit of the hall.

A Stroll Through LAUTECH (Episode 2)

Read Episode 1 HERE

“I need to borrow your note, I was unable to finish my note in class,” I said. I should have completed the statement by saying ‘because I was watching you most of the time’ but I was wiser than that. She asked where I wanted to write it, I said right there. She said she was in a hurry, she could not wait. I said she could lend me till the next day. She said that was impossible because she didn’t know me and she had to read. So I began to introduce myself divulging all important information I could remember. What is your name? I asked after a few minutes of blabbing my head off. She had started walking away from the hall, towards Under G. I had no problem following because I was headed in the same direction. To be honest, I would have had no problem even if my destination was in the opposite direction.

The Music Deal (Episode 5)

Read Episode 4 HERE About an hour later, 2face Idibia left the stage and the host quickly told us – for we were about to start a big protest – he would be coming back for another performance. Some other performances followed, some good, some average, some bad, but what kept me going was 2face’s second performance that would come up at a time we didn’t know yet. I even took the opportunity to know the lady behind me. “Big girl what’s up?” I said as I turned around towards her, saying it a bit loud because of the noise level. “I’m great!” she said with a grin. “You know you’re my African queen tonight right?” I said with a smile.

A Stroll Through LAUTECH (Episode 1)

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, locales, or actual events is entirely coincidental.
****** As we entered through the main gate, the birds tweeted and the crickets chirped. The leaves on the trees spilled the gathered dew that had stayed for too long on them. The wind whistled as the sky became cloudy, ready to bring down another downpour of frustration and agitation.

The Music Deal (Episode 4)

Read episode 3 HERE
Two hours later, the host of the programme came on stage to tell us all the things we already knew about 2face. He also tried to be funny and he was a bit more successful with that, he even got a smile out of the bored me. After everything he said to us about 2face to make us excited, he invited one unknown guy to come on stage for his performance. His performance was so bad I forgot his name without any trace of guilt in me. When he was leaving the stage, I was relieved. The host ran onto the stage to introduce the second musician to perform, MadFury. Who uses such a stage name? Maybe he would pleasantly surprise us. He came on stage with a charisma of musician who was already a big star. He had dreadlocks on his head, golden chain on his neck, golden wristwatch on his hands, wore a Gucci t-shirt and Nike boots. I thought it was only a matter of time before he would reach his potential. Until he opened his mouth and I had to retract my thoughts.

The Music Deal (Episode 3)

Read episode 2 HERE

Most of the next three days went by with my mind just occupied by thoughts of 2face. By three-thirty on Saturday, I was ready to go to the concert. I knocked on the door to my brother’s room a few minutes later. “Come in,” he said with a bedroom voice. Everything with him is always so seductive. He was just out of the bathroom when I entered. “I thought you would be ready by now?” I said. “I said four o’ clock,” he retorted. “It’s almost four o’ clock.” “It’s not almost four o’ clock,” he said, “this is three thirty-five.”

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