The Music Deal (Episode 4)

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Two hours later, the host of the programme came on stage to tell us all the things we already knew about 2face. He also tried to be funny and he was a bit more successful with that, he even got a smile out of the bored me. After everything he said to us about 2face to make us excited, he invited one unknown guy to come on stage for his performance. His performance was so bad I forgot his name without any trace of guilt in me. When he was leaving the stage, I was relieved.
The host ran onto the stage to introduce the second musician to perform, MadFury. Who uses such a stage name? Maybe he would pleasantly surprise us. He came on stage with a charisma of musician who was already a big star. He had dreadlocks on his head, golden chain on his neck, golden wristwatch on his hands, wore a Gucci t-shirt and Nike boots. I thought it was only a matter of time before he would reach his potential. Until he opened his mouth and I had to retract my thoughts.
The Music Deal Episode 4
The Music Deal Episode 4

His music stank from the stage to where I was. How could he have that confidence when his music was that bad? I could proudly say the music group I belonged to in secondary school sang far better than that. The sham he called music made me doubt the authenticity of the accessories on him. I couldn’t wait for him to get off the stage, or fall off it if possible. He deserved it especially if part of my money, my brother’s money will be used to pay him. My brother is usually the patient one and he was furious. Don’t even ask about me.
The performances gradually improved and almost an hour later, the host called the name I – probably all of us – had been expecting to hear. As 2face Idibia came on stage, I just found my legs straightening and I found I was not alone. Most people in the regular section were on their feet to welcome the grandmaster.
“Nothing dey happen,” he said amidst the sweetness of the musical instruments. Before I could wrap my mind around seeing my idol, he had started singing.
“Once upon a time I met this lovely baby…” he started. It was pure joy. I had never sang his songs with as much happiness as I showed that night. It went beyond a concert, it became a party. It became a holy communion. People were jumping up, singing at the top of their voices as though they wanted to break their vocal cords. It was crazy.
The surprising thing, maybe unsurprising considering the quality of music, was that even people in the VIP section were on their feet, singing, some as enthusiastic as people in the regular section. Good music, I learnt that day, make very important people forget their importance. It touches everybody in their soul, the basest part of them, and we can all feel high in the same way no matter how important some people are or think they are.
During the bustle, I felt two soft bundles of tissue touch me at my shoulder blades. I had a guess because the touch was too familiar. When I looked back, my guess was correct. A lady was jumping and singing and throwing her hands behind me.
She was so energetic I was proud of her even though we had never met. I took a closer look at her. She lacked the blessing of facial beauty but had most other things going for her. She had big hips, flat stomach, and sizable breasts that my shoulder blades were crying out for. I would surely talk to her later. I had to enjoy more of 2face first.
To be continued...


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