The Music Deal (Episode 5)

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About an hour later, 2face Idibia left the stage and the host quickly told us – for we were about to start a big protest – he would be coming back for another performance. Some other performances followed, some good, some average, some bad, but what kept me going was 2face’s second performance that would come up at a time we didn’t know yet. I even took the opportunity to know the lady behind me.
“Big girl what’s up?” I said as I turned around towards her, saying it a bit loud because of the noise level.
“I’m great!” she said with a grin.
“You know you’re my African queen tonight right?” I said with a smile.
The Music Deal Episode 5
The Music Deal Episode 5
 “Really?” she said.
“Yes,” I said, “girl of my dreams…” I knew I was being too forward too fast but there was no better time for that.
“Oh you’re flattering me…”
“Oh I’m telling the truth…” I held her hand.
“You don’t even know my name.”
“I was coming to that. Whatever name you bear is the best name in this hall tonight.” After 2face Idibia’s, mine and my brother’s.
“My name is Kofo anyway.”
“My name is Blessing,”
“Blessing of God?”
“You can see now that I’m correct?” I said. “What a better name than that? Who doesn’t want the blessings of God?”
“I guess everybody does.”
“And that’s why you’re my African queen tonight.”
“Only tonight?” she said.
“It could be for many more days. You know we have to take it one day at a time.”
She was very happy, I knew it had more to do with the general atmosphere than the gibberish I was saying. I was even happier because she was happy. We continued talking and laughing, just waiting for the second coming of 2face Idibia. There was no better time to talk to a girl than when she was happy. No better time.
As we talked on, I found her to be a very charismatic young lady. Even with her average facial looks, I believed she was beautiful in her own way. To me, she was capable of competing favourably with any more facially beautiful lady for a guy. She was the type of lady that would hold a guy helplessly in love with the web of her weapons.
I got to know more about her. She was a student of University of Ibadan. She was a political science student but had the love for music. Me too. According to her, she was a pianist but she was fast to confess that she was an average pianist. She was so good at conversation.
For a moment, it felt like she was seducing me without trying. It had been a long time, if ever, that I’ve met a lady so witty. She was free with me unlike many ladies who see men like wolves that they must tip-toe around.
After about an hour later, or two, I was unsure because I lost track of time, 2face came back to the stage and the excitement followed. The instrumentals left us in no doubt of the next song and we became even more ecstatic.
“Yei i yee, you are my African queen,” 2face began to much uproar. “Ooh Lord, ooh Lord, hei, just like the sun lights up the earth, you light up my life…”
I just turned to the back towards Blessing, held her hands and sang along with 2face. Her face glowed as she also sang along. Our hands were moving in rhythm with the song, my manhood was catching up nicely too. Things were moving too fast for me. It had to be really fast because my brother thinks my normal speed is fast.
The concert was going on well, in fact, almost everything was going on well that night. I discovered my brother was absent on his seat. It was expected and I could bet he was with a lady. I pulled Blessing to his seat.
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