The Music Deal (Episode 6)

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The concert continued and while the loudspeakers were still booming for joy, 2face came off the stage and into the crowd. First to the VIP section and then to the regular section while everybody was trying to touch 2face’s outstretched palm. Even though we were in the second row, I managed to touch his palm and unsurprisingly, Blessing did too.
My right hand was clenched to her left hand as the song continued. Sexual urge was making me restless, tearing me apart. I had a feeling, strong feeling that she was wet too. The songs continued but my focus on the music diminished and transferred to her. My thoughts were clouded. I pulled her as I made my way towards the exit of the hall.

The Music Deal Episode 6
The Music Deal Episode 6
“Where are we going?” she said.
“For what?”
“Just for a little talk,” I said. Even where the paths were free, we staggered to the exit as if we were both drunk in lust. When we got out, I pulled her towards a dark corner of the hall. At the corner, I pulled her towards me and kissed her. She kissed me back and she was even more passionate about it. My hands travelled around all the contours of her body as we kissed.
The kiss made me hunger for more, it was too good. I smelt alcohol in her breath during the kiss but that had never been a deal breaker for me when it comes to a good kiss. I would have been soaked in alcohol myself if I didn’t have teeth-gnashing determination to capture every moment of the concert.
I saw restrooms some metres away and pulled her towards the facility. She was tipsy. We entered one of the rooms, our hands still travelling around each other’s body and our mouths still joined together. I saw a small table at one side of the relatively big restroom. The table had drawers and a mirror was on the wall above the table. Those who made the table must have had us in mind because it was rare to find a table in a restroom. It was of a small size but big usefulness to us.
She had a short gown on her which a few seconds later, I had pulled up to her belly button and unzipped my trousers. Before she could finish enjoying my kiss and touch, I pulled her underwear to a side and gave her my manhood. She let out a soft moan as I entered and, no offense to 2face, that was the most melodious sound I heard that day.
She moved in rhythm with me as we made the best music of the night. I wanted it to last forever but my manhood told me most good things come to an end. Sweat had already broken out of my face and my wet t-shirt glued to my chest and shoulder blades. My two hands were on the wall while her back was on the mirror.
It was after my body functions came back to normal that I realised I forgot to use the condom I slid in my back pocket when we were about to leave the house. That must be the second best reason it was so sweet, the best being that the girl was just too damn good on bed, the table in this case.
“That was lovely,” I said as we walked back hand-in-hand towards the hall.
“Hmmm,” she said, her eyes full of lust.
The concert finished a few minutes later. I walked her outside the event centre and got a bike for her to her house in Mokola. I told her I would call and visit her as soon as possible. She nodded and we waved each other good bye.
I was still unable to find my brother and after a few minutes, I knew we would have to use our formula again ‘leave home together for an event, come back home individually.’
To be continued... 
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