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The Music Deal (Episode 11)

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We only spent forty-five more minutes talking before she set up her laptop and I was happy for the five minutes saved. She made a call to him to tell him we were ready. Few minutes later, I saw his face on the screen and the background showed a good level of luxury. His face was similar to what I saw in the pictures. They spoke a bit about that least interested me. He went on to ask about her father and mother. She even took the pain to tell him that her mum later bought the speakers he recommended into her room and it was booming out of this world.  I remembered I saw a picture on her phone of her standing in a room holding a speaker that looked like two big Oxford dictionaries and another with her and an older woman holding a speaker each. The woman must be her mother.

Unwanted Visitors (Episode 2)

I stood up and picked my jeans trousers beside the wall where I threw it earlier. I put it on and went towards the door. Adeola pulled her lingerie that was above her navel down to her thigh. As I opened the door, a kick came out of nowhere, or to be precise, out of the bedroom-voiced guy. The kick pushed me to the ground. I was unsure if the bones in my buttocks were still in their normal places. The guy entered the room and trained a gun on me. “I have come as a gentleman,” he said. “I’ll love us to keep it that way but I can be rough if the need arises.” There was a loud scream from another room. That told me it was a gang of armed robbers.

The Music Deal (Episode 10)

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When I got home, I did a Google search for ‘2face assistant manager’ and got no useful result which means no name. I searched for Peter Parker but saw no black face in the pictures. Then I searched for ‘2face manager’ and I got a result for Efe Omorogbe who I already knew at the time. Blessing had already told me Peter Parker was far less popular than 2face’s manager so no problem with that. I was extremely relaxed that day because I knew my dreams were coming true. I kept doing personal voice training over the following days just to refine my delivery. I also observed my composed songs for any weak point. I was in constant communication with Blessing who seem to have been infected by the love bug herself. I invited her to my house five days later and I was happy mummy was out of the house when she came for with her countenance, she would have made her feel very unwelcome.

Unwanted Visitors (Episode 1)

As I kissed Adeola, the only thing in my mind was how I was going to manage the one thousand naira in my pocket for the next seven days before my father would send money to me and considering I had to repair my spoilt phone. I had come to spend the night with Adeola partly because she was always horny and partly because she would feed me twice. That evening and the next morning. In fact, she had fed me in the evening and the next would be in the morning. Someone would wonder why I was relieved to eat at her place when I knew she would take it all back. Although we were far from married, it was what they called marriage of convenience. She would fill me with food and I would fill her with pleasure.

The Music Deal (Episode 9)

Read Episode 8 HERE Predictably, she asked me if I really loved her. I said I was falling in love with her. Why her? I said because I saw her as a special person. I told her she made me happy. I was saying the truth but it was boring, the most boring moment with her yet. She met my eyes. The look on her face was confusing. It looked like pity but I thought she was just so in love. “What’s wrong?” I said. “I’m afraid,” “Of what?” “You.” “Why me?” I said. “Guys are deceitful.”

The Music Deal (Episode 8)

Read Episode 7 HERE “Kofo,” she said as she hugged me. “What’s up?” “I’m good,” I said as we entered the room. I could see a piano at one corner of the room and few seconds later she was on the piano playing some gentle notes. Her room was the best type of studio because it appealed to my optical, auditory, and nasal nerves. Her short skirt made me want to pull her to the bed on the other corner of the room. The aroma of the stew coming from her kitchen continued to trouble my nose. I had many things to compliment her about but I don’t know which one to say first.

A Stroll Through LAUTECH (Episode 4)

Read Episode 1 HERE, Episode 2 HERE, Episode 3 HERE “No,” he said. “I can’t see everything happening in this school. But does the school have to be closed for more than a year before you say you want to audit the school account so that you can know how they have spent the money given to them? That itself is a testament to irresponsibility and a lackadaisical attitude towards the school.

The Music Deal (Episode 7)

Read Episode 6 HERE The next morning, I woke up by eleven with a smile on my face. The previous day had gone better that I could have imagined. I stretched and yawned as I got down reluctantly from my bed. I strolled around my bed trying to meditate and think about the new day.  My meditation attempt was unsuccessful largely due to the thoughts of the previous day intruding. I took deep breaths but to no avail. I sat on my bed in resignation a few minutes later. I picked my phone to see calls I might have missed. Four missed calls from three people. The number I wanted on the list was absent, Blessing had not even tried to call me. Was she regretting her actions the previous night?  Or she was expecting me to call her first? Have I been too interested in a girl that was only interested in a one night stand? Maybe she just wanted a fix for one night. Maybe she was just a sex maniac.

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