The Music Deal (Episode 10)

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When I got home, I did a Google search for ‘2face assistant manager’ and got no useful result which means no name. I searched for Peter Parker but saw no black face in the pictures. Then I searched for ‘2face manager’ and I got a result for Efe Omorogbe who I already knew at the time. Blessing had already told me Peter Parker was far less popular than 2face’s manager so no problem with that. I was extremely relaxed that day because I knew my dreams were coming true.
I kept doing personal voice training over the following days just to refine my delivery. I also observed my composed songs for any weak point. I was in constant communication with Blessing who seem to have been infected by the love bug herself. I invited her to my house five days later and I was happy mummy was out of the house when she came for with her countenance, she would have made her feel very unwelcome.

She met my father who greeted her in his trademark way.
“My daughter,” he said, “how are you?” every friend of us who came to our house was either his daughter or son.

Few minutes later, after passionate sex in which we almost tore the clothes off each other’s bodies, I asked her about the Peter guy because she seemed to have forgotten all about him.
“Oh sorry,” she said. “I’ve not heard any feedback from him and I forgot to call him. I’ll call him when I get home.”
“Alright,” I said. My mind had been stuck on the issue for almost a week and here she was behaving like an Alzheimer’s patient. “I searched online but didn’t see your guy.”
“He’s not that popular like I told,” she said. “But he can still get the job done for an upcoming musician like you unlike Efe who may be too busy.”
“Alright,” I said. She brought her Blackberry phone out of her bag.
“See the pictures I collected from his phone three months ago when I was in Lagos.” I took the phone from her and saw three photos in which a dark guy posed with 2face, Efe, and OJB Jezreel in the studio. Looked like the guy is on the inside.
Holiday went on with my mind frequently going to Blessing and in extension Peter Parker.
She called me the next day and told me Mr Parker would like to meet me first before we proceed. I was so excited I almost forgot to ask how we were going to meet since he lived in Lagos. She said it was going through video chat at her place the next day.
I dressed up the next day like a musician going for an interview and that meant I put my Mohawk in proper shape and put on my t-shirt with an inscription on it: ‘We are the World.’ When I got to Blessing’s house, she welcomed me with a smile and what I appreciated most about her smile was her beautiful set of white sparkling teeth.
“Mr Musician,” she said.
“Mrs Pianist,” I said.
“What’s up?”
“I’m good,” I said as I sat on her bed, she already sat on the single chair in the room.
“How’s your weekend going?” I said after seconds of gazing into her eyes.
“You know I love you,” I said more like a declaration than a question.
“And I love you more,” she said. We continued our small talk as if that was the business of the day. To her it could be, who knows, she may have forgotten Parker again. With growing minutes of our talk – boring to me but interesting to her – I started to believe she had really forgotten. I could remind her but I wanted to wait a bit and give her a chance to remember.
“I talked to PAP,” she said, “he will be free by four.”
“Who’s PAP?”
“Mr Peter Parker. That’s what we call him.”
            “Alright,” I said. I looked at my wristwatch, it was three-twenty. Forty more minutes for small talk which she was going to enjoy. Maybe fifty minutes because she was probably going to forget for ten minutes.
          To be continued
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