The Music Deal (Episode 11)

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We only spent forty-five more minutes talking before she set up her laptop and I was happy for the five minutes saved. She made a call to him to tell him we were ready. Few minutes later, I saw his face on the screen and the background showed a good level of luxury. His face was similar to what I saw in the pictures.
They spoke a bit about that least interested me. He went on to ask about her father and mother. She even took the pain to tell him that her mum later bought the speakers he recommended into her room and it was booming out of this world. 
I remembered I saw a picture on her phone of her standing in a room holding a speaker that looked like two big Oxford dictionaries and another with her and an older woman holding a speaker each. The woman must be her mother.

Then he asked about me as if I was just an afterthought. Few seconds later, she turned the laptop towards me to talk to my new ticket to fame.
“Good afternoon Mr Ayelawaje,” he said, “Is that right?”
“Yes,” I said.
The Music Deal

“My name is Peter Ayobami Parker. I am a music agent first and foremost and I know Blessing must have told you a lot about me.” He began. I was hearing his voice for the first time but I knew he could convince many people with that type of voice. I mean he could be a great salesman and every agent needs that ability. His face from the screen looks a bit older than I assumed from the pictures.
“My most popular work is my work with my boss Efe with 2face Idibia. We have worked with people like Idris Abdulkareem and Tony Tetuila. We have had failures too, so it wasn’t a smooth journey. There are some musicians I have worked with who failed to translate their talent into stardom. But that has never deterred me in my work.
“Music is a big business and in business you don’t always succeed. My belief, and it’s a firm belief, is that the music industry in Nigeria has a lot of space to improve both in our product, good music, and the financial size. This boom can only be brought about by you and me.
“Every day I look for new musical talents who can be propelled to rewarding careers in music. When Blessing sent two songs to me, I was happy to listen to them because my job is to discover new talents and help stars get the most from their careers. I like the songs, it takes a good level of raw talent to produce something as good as that.
“I like to talk with people I want to do business with and I belief that is how business should be done. I usually prefer a face-to-face conversation to what we’re having now but I considered the distance and Blessing. Blessing is a good girl that I know and I can cut some slack for her. Please tell me about yourself Mr Ayelawaje,” he said.
“You can call me Kofo,” I said.
“Alright Kofo, please tell me about yourself.”
I told him a lot about myself, maybe even more than necessary but it was becoming clearer that this could be my interview to land a music agent. This was all thanks to Blessing and I had no plan to shoot myself in the foot.
“Kofo,” he said few minutes after I had told him everything I could remember about myself. “What is your philosophy of music?”
I told him everything about philosophy that my eighteen- year old brain could fabricate.
“I’m impressed by the things you have said,” he said finally, “and I believe we can do business together. For someone so young, you have a matured head over your shoulders and I believe you will be a big music star in the future if you can work hard to improve your craft.”
“Thank you sir,” I said.
“Would you like me to be your agent and manager?”
To be continued
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