The Music Deal (Episode 7)

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The next morning, I woke up by eleven with a smile on my face. The previous day had gone better that I could have imagined. I stretched and yawned as I got down reluctantly from my bed. I strolled around my bed trying to meditate and think about the new day. 
My meditation attempt was unsuccessful largely due to the thoughts of the previous day intruding. I took deep breaths but to no avail. I sat on my bed in resignation a few minutes later.
I picked my phone to see calls I might have missed. Four missed calls from three people. The number I wanted on the list was absent, Blessing had not even tried to call me. Was she regretting her actions the previous night? 
Or she was expecting me to call her first? Have I been too interested in a girl that was only interested in a one night stand? Maybe she just wanted a fix for one night. Maybe she was just a sex maniac.

I dialled her phone number. It rang, there was no answer. I dialled three more times and still no answer. Was she trying to avoid me? Did she now view me as a mistake she made? A mistake of raging hormones? When her breasts first caressed my shoulder blades, I saw her as just another music enthusiast. A few hours later, after I had gotten to know her, in many ways, I wanted to know her more.
She had many things that attracted me. She had the female pose and a body shape to match it. She knew how to make interesting conversations without being too talkative. And, probably most importantly, she had excellent sexual skills. One of these things could have made me interested in a lady, three was too strong a pull. I lay on the bed with my face up. I just stared at the ceiling as I tried to organise my thoughts which were all about Blessing.
“Hello, what’s up?” I said still surprised at the person calling.
“Kofo,” she said, “I’m good. What about you?”
“I’m good. I’ve been calling your number. Was already getting worried.”
“Worried about?”
“You. Someone might have kidnapped you.”
“You’re so funny,” she said even though she wasn’t laughing.
“I was just worried.”
“Don’t be dear.”
“Where were you?”
“On my bed. I just woke up.”
“Oh no, lazy girl.”
“When did you wake up?”
“Thirty minutes ago,” I said.
“How was your night?”
“It was great thanks to you. I’m happy I met you yesterday.”
“Me too,” she said, she sounded genuine.
“Mind if I pay you a visit at your hostel on Monday?”
“I’ll be busy on Monday and Tuesday. Have a programme in school. Maybe on Wednesday.”
“Wednesday it is then.”
“Have a sweet weekend Blessing.”
“You too Kofo.”
“Bye,” I said before she terminated the call.
She could really be my new girlfriend. I already had two girlfriends at school but for someone who wanted to be like 2face, two may not be enough. 2face had three ‘declared’ girlfriends, no harm if I follow my mentor. I wanted to see her at the moment I heard her voice on the phone but I used all my willpower to push our meeting to Monday. She pushed it to Wednesday. She was going to put me in misery for few days that looked like eternity because she had gotten me hooked.
It was sunny as I made my way out of my house towards Blessing’s. The sun was very bright but the cloud was pregnant with rainfall. My pace was brisk because I was trying to escape the imminent rainfall that could disrupt my plans.
Minutes later, maybe an hour, I was at the corridor of Blessing’s hostel. I could hear music from one room and sound of piano from another. When I got to number six, I knocked on the door. I was afraid of the uncertainty.
To be continued
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