Unwanted Visitors (Episode 1)

As I kissed Adeola, the only thing in my mind was how I was going to manage the one thousand naira in my pocket for the next seven days before my father would send money to me and considering I had to repair my spoilt phone.
I had come to spend the night with Adeola partly because she was always horny and partly because she would feed me twice. That evening and the next morning.
In fact, she had fed me in the evening and the next would be in the morning. Someone would wonder why I was relieved to eat at her place when I knew she would take it all back. Although we were far from married, it was what they called marriage of convenience. She would fill me with food and I would fill her with pleasure.

But what would happen after the next morning? That was the big question that troubled my mind. We usually kissed like our lives depended on it but Adeola could feel I was far away. He pinched my arms and I adjusted accordingly but I soon trailed away.
unwanted visitors

“What’s wrong with you?” she said in frustration. This was a business transaction and I was failing to hold up my end of the deal. Then an evil idea flew into my mind. What do you do when your business partner is at her weakest? You get more from the deal.
“There’s a problem,” I said.
“What’s the problem?” She said as she drew me closer. She placed her right hand on my cheek. Her legs were intertwined with mine on the bed and she looked into my eyes. I could see worry in her eyes, as if it was her problem.
“I need your help,” I said.
“What’s the problem Kofo?” she said.
“I am broke.”
“Is that why you are so downcast?”
“Do you have money I can borrow for a while?” I said ignoring her question.
“How much?”
“Five thousand.”
“No problem,” she said. “Are you relieved now?” I nodded. She pulled me in for a kiss. Relief was an understatement, I was damn ecstatic. Food plus sex plus money. That was the best deal ever. Only Catholic priests could have an objection. Probably not all of them.
We got into the kiss and time flew by like a wayward bird. And a deep kiss like that, as you already know, is a means to an end. Minutes later, our clothes began to fly off our bodies and we were only too happy to lose them like troublesome neighbours.
Sometimes you have good plans in mind but some people are just poisons and pollutants. One bloody pollutant knocked on the door. Loudly. I just ignored it. At that moment of time, it was just the natural thing to do. I could not help but check the clock on the wall. Ten minutes after twelve.
It was probably one of those girls. Those girls who would come to you at an ungodly hour and say stupid things like ‘please borrow me maggi’ as if they were ever going to return it. Witches. She probably wanted to cook food that she would present at the meeting of the witches. She had only chosen a wrong day to come. She would leave when she gets no reply.
But the knock came on again and louder. Who was that? Who was doing that to us?
“Who is that?” Adeola said, utterly pissed.
“It’s me,” a male voice said like he was trying to seduce Adeola. Had she been cheating on me? We will soon find out.
To be continued
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