Unwanted Visitors (Episode 2)

I stood up and picked my jeans trousers beside the wall where I threw it earlier. I put it on and went towards the door. Adeola pulled her lingerie that was above her navel down to her thigh.
As I opened the door, a kick came out of nowhere, or to be precise, out of the bedroom-voiced guy. The kick pushed me to the ground. I was unsure if the bones in my buttocks were still in their normal places. The guy entered the room and trained a gun on me.
“I have come as a gentleman,” he said. “I’ll love us to keep it that way but I can be rough if the need arises.” There was a loud scream from another room. That told me it was a gang of armed robbers.

The scream also quenched all the James Bond moves I had been thinking of using on the guy. Even that would have been difficult considering he was the guy with the gun. A gang was a no go area.
“Empty your pockets,” the guy said to me. From the side of my eye, I could see Adeola at a corner shivering as if if she vibrated enough, she would disappear into the wall. At least that would save the money she promised to give me the next morning.
unwanted visitors

Reluctantly, I brought out everything in my pocket. One thousand naira note, Nokia 1500 mobile phone, a handkerchief, and a pack of condoms.
He looked at the things on the ground and shook his head. It was then that I knew that God was behind my Samsung galaxy S2 smartphone getting spoilt. If I had not taken it to the technician for repairs, it would have become the thief’s property. I had planned to pay the technician with the one thousand naira note but it was now beyond me.
The thief pointed at Adeola and told her to bring everything out. The thief smiled at the phone on the bed, iPhone 4. In no time, Adeola was already by the wardrobe rummaging through her things. Oh no please. Please don’t see that money. Please look for it and never find it. Tell the thief there was nothing else.
Moments later, Adeola brought out a roll of one thousand naira notes bound with a rubber band and threw it beside the iPhone as if it was an abomination. The thief smiled. I was sure the money was at least thirty thousand naira.
My five thousand naira was part of that money. I knew I had asked to borrow it but I also knew she would never collect it back. My money gone, and the seemingly perfect night up in smoke.
“Wao what a nice ass,” the thief said with a leery smile. “If I wasn’t in a hurry, I would have loved to share out of that goody goody. Maybe some other time.” I would have loved to hit a rock on his head but he still held the gun firmly trained at me.
“Pack everything in a bag,” he said to Adeola. She ran to her wardrobe again and came out with a polythene bag. She hurriedly put her phone and money and my things in the bag.
“No,” the thief said. “Remove the handkerchief and the condom. Someone may have to cry and make up sex is always good. Hand over the bag.”
Adeola gave him the bag with her shaky hands. The thief wasted no time in disappearing from the room. I just stared at the door.
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