The Music Deal (Episode 12)

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“Okay,” he said, “that’s verbal agreement and you know that that is not very strong in business. I would send a copy of contract and terms of agreement to Blessing or do you prefer I send it to you?”
“Send it to her,”

“Now I need to tell you what I’ll do with your songs,” he said. “I’ll present your songs to OJB Jezreel to see if he would be able to produce your songs. If he is not, because he’s a really busy man, I will give you a feedback on it and present it to other producers who are very good.
The Music Deal
“2face floated his new record label, Hypertek Digital, recently and if things go well, I’ll present the songs to him. Anything can happen from there. 2face Idibia could decide to meet you and probably sign you up to his record label. Anything could happen.”
“It’s alright,” I said full of hope.
“Have you informed your parents about these new developments?”
“Not yet.”
“I’ll advise you to tell them,” he said. “I know you are now eighteen and you could choose not to tell them because you’re now an adult but it is beneficial to involve your parents in issues like these.”
“Alright, I’ll tell them,” I said. No chance I would tell them. They were against me being part of a music group in school because they said it was a distraction I could avoid. They said since I wanted to be an engineer, why meddle in music? They said music could sabotage my journey in engineering. They said all these to music without an agent, or manager, a producer or a record label.
What would my parents say to these new developments? My mother would probably nag me to death right there. Real death, her tongue is that powerful. I would tell them when I’ve figured things out.
“That’s good of you,” he said. “I’ll call you later to give you a feedback. That would probably be next week. Let me talk to Blessing.”
He chatted for a few minutes with Blessing before he shut down the application. We talked and touched a bit but there was no sex. A well of happiness was already in me and sex took a backseat. As I went home that day, I began to feel like a musician. I imagined meeting my idol, 2face Idibia and even signing up to his new record label Hypertek Digital. That would be dream come true. I closed my eyes to make the imagination so vivid so that I could touch 2face, smell him and hear his voice.
The next day was Sunday. There was a new breath of vigour in everything I did. Hope had given me confidence like I had never seen. I could barely go two minutes without thinking of my imminent stardom as a musician. I sat in my room that afternoon with a paper on the table and a pen in my hand. I wanted to compose another song that people would love. After all, I had been told that with hard work, I could become an accomplished musician.
My phone began to ring. I was about to curse the disturbance when I saw the caller.
“Good afternoon Mr Parker,” I said.
“Kofo,” he said, “how are you?”
“I am fine sir,” I said. He had spoken like a father ready to advise his son.
“I’ve sent the contract papers to Blessing. You should call her to ask when she will print it out.”
“The second issue I’m calling you for is the production of your song,” he said. “Are you listening?”
“Yes.” Very few things could pull my attention more.
“I spoke to OJB Jezreel when I finished talking to you yesterday. He gave me an unexpected good news that you need to hear.”
To be continued


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