The Music Deal (Episode 14)

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She came close to me and told me to forget all my worries as she kissed me. From the kiss came touching, followed by removal of clothes and finally sex. It was good to douse the tension in my body. I went home that day still thinking.
The miracle was complete on Wednesday morning when my GT Bank account was credited with twenty thousand naira and my account balance read 101,157.23 naira. Between Sunday and Wednesday morning, my account had moved all the way from eleven thousand to a hundred and one thousand. That morning, I was all smiles as I walked hand-in-hand with Blessing into the GT Bank branch at Mokola.

She had also told me the previous day that she could raise an additional five thousand naira to bring my debt to her to twenty thousand naira. I thought my debt to her was much more than that because she had made a way for me to become a music star. She would be one of those I would owe my career to when I rise to stardom.
We strolled towards an ATM machine at the bank where she withdrew twenty thousand naira after waiting for about fifteen minutes on a queue. We went into the banking hall where I withdrew hundred thousand naira from my account. I added it to the twenty thousand naira that Blessing gave me and I had one hundred and twenty thousand naira. The key to my destiny.
The Music Deal 14

I pulled a sheet of paper from my pocket and checked the account name and number again. The account name was Tunde Okungbowa followed by a thirteen-digit account number. I had done a Google search on the name and discovered it was the real name of OJB Jezreel so my mind was at peace that my money was going directly to the producer.
About forty minutes later, we came out of the banking hall with a teller stuck at the deepest part of my back pocket, as evidence of payment. I could see clouds gathering and I was happy because it was going to be my shower of success. I called Peter to tell him that I had paid into OJB’s account. He told me he would call OJB to tell him and that OJB would call me after confirmation.
As I ended the call, rain started falling. We jogged hand-in-hand to the front of a shop to wait for the rainfall to stop lest we got drenched.
“So when should I expect my money and its accrued interest?” she said with that smile I had come to love on her face.
“How many percent interest?”
“Thirty percent,”
“Thief,” I said as a smile came to my face, “the banks don’t even take more than twenty-five percent.”
“I’m your girlfriend,” she said, “I’m better than the banks.”
We continued making jest until when, few minutes later, my phone rang. It was an unknown number and few seconds after I picked the call, I discovered it was the call I had been expecting. The deep voice at the other end called himself OJB, he had also confirmed my payment into his account. He told me we had work on Saturday which we must begin as early as possible. After the call, I was happy to have heard OJB’s voice for the first time.
I called Peter Parker to inform him of the new development. He told me I would have to travel down to Lagos on Friday to make it to the studio early on Saturday. He told me he would send the address to me on Thursday. I could stay there overnight on Friday. I explained the arrangements to Blessing who could not wait to see me in Lagos. She had told me on Sunday that she would be travelling to Lagos on Thursday. She would be back the following Sunday.


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